William Lynam (1794–1857)

Records in Samuel Havey's Memorandum 1849–1851

William Lynam/Lineham (1794–1857) m Ruth Beardsley (1775–1870), they lived at Moscow Farm, Duffield.
Their children were: Ann b 1820, Mary b 1822, Dorothy b 1824, William 1827, Ruth 1829 and Erasmus 1838.

William is mentioned in the Memorandum 1849–1851 of Samuel Harvey (1789–1861) of the farm which stood on the site of the Strutt Arms in Milford. He used it for his accounts, taxes, farming practices, purchases and sales as well as social comments about the family and neighbours. Below are extracts where William Lineham is mentioned

4.8 [4 Aug 1849]
Lineham of Moscow (Farm) had a hay rick on fire through being got too soon. Mr Strutt's Engineers and at least 200 men and youths were there and formed a line to Derwent for water with buckets.

9.11 [9 Nov 1849]
Sold Lineham of Moscow a bull calf for 15/- and 1/- again if he has occasion to ask me. It was out of the nice cow I bought of a Yorkshire Man last spring but one. 4 March 1850, settled for the above.

12.12 [12 Dec 1849]
My son Tom sold the cow of mine (we call Lineham) which he has been keeping ever since I took her to Derby, 7 Aug. and left her at his land. £13.15.0 They paid him and took her with them.

7.1 [7 Jan 1850]
Sold Mr Lineham a bull calf for 12/-. It was the Frost cow's calf and was calved, on the 4th. He took it next morning. 4 March: received for above.

4.3 [4 Mar 1850]
Settled with Mr Lineham for all cows' bulling up to Xmas last.
3 years at 6 per year = 18 @ 2/- = £1.16.0
2 calves he owes me for... 14/- + 12/- = £1.6.0 + cash 10/-

8.3 [8 Mar 1850]
Lineham's servant wench left them 4 days ago with child and she says by old Lineham, He says it is the servant lad and it was got on Xmas evensong, but time will tell that.

10.5 [10 May 1850]
We finished setting potatoes on the 7 May and on the 8th began setting mangle werzel. (Lineham began same morning, about 4 hours after us.)

11.8 [11 Aug 1850]
The best cow I bought of Tom this spring and the cow we call Lanky, both bulled with Annable's bull. The best cow had been bulled before with Lineham’s. Paid Mr Annable.

24.2 [24 Feb 1851]
Settled with Lineham for Cows' Bulling up to Xmas. His bull got very fat calves. We have but three that held to him, four by Annable's bull, one by Mr Watson's and one by Mr Frost's. I at same time paid him for 5 cwt of straw which I had last June.
Altogether I paid him (10/- for straw & 7/- for cows) £ 0.17.0

28.2 [28 Feb. 1851]
In 1851, cows (about 2 dozen) were bulled with bulls belonging to Lineham, Annable, Ely and ourselves.

24.3 [24 Mar 1851]
I had a heifer picked her calf.
At a meeting held at the Vestry, the Officers appointed for the ensuing year were as follows:
Overseers of the Poor - Wm. Lineham of Moscow and Morton of Duffield
Overseers of Highways - Mr Ault and Samuel Taylor
Guardians - Mr Tempest of Burley and Thomas Harvey of Duffield.

14 Apr 1851

Ruth Lineham married today a man of the name of Eliott of Carsington. She is Lineham’s youngest daughter.

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